Forbidden Young Folks Video

Phil RetroSpector – Forbidden Young Folks

Konnichiwa, at last Danielsan, the Video for Forbidden Young Folks…
Hope Yu Love it Longgggtime! ARIGATUO, MUSHI MASHI!

click here for FORBIDDEN YOUNG FOLKS if you missed it first time around.

June 20, 2008, 4:25 pm
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Great News, APC is back! (Nice one Simon)
Even Better News, it features another Doublepack from your favourite wannabe recluse… WATCHYAWAITIN’4… Check it out!

Eurythmics vs Cure (well sorta’) – BOYS OF 17 DON’T CRY

When I was seventeen…
I thought I knew it all & no one understood me

I survived upon an appetite of teenage angst & broken hearts
& made obscure mixtapes for girls that never spoke…

Sounds like: Remembering to forget what it felt like the first time you were dumped circa 1987

Ah who said “nostalgia ain’t what it used to be…”


Phil RetroSpector on RC 165: Hard of the City (Oddz and Sods 10)
June 3, 2008, 10:43 pm
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Big Thanks to Tim over at RADIOCLASH for including “Song to the Sigur” in his show. Pop over & check the whole show out. Full tracklisting below.

  • Truman Chewstick + Aaron Spectre – No Love In The Heart Of The City
  • Gotye – Out Here In The Cold
  • New Order – Subculture (12″)
  • Drumcorps – Grist
  • Dillinja – Go Dillinja
  • Limewax & Kano – Stop Me
  • Spor – Hesitate [feat. Fallout and Toxin]
  • Unknown Error – Shadows
  • Unknown Error – The Yearning (Apex VIP)
  • Camera Obscura – Eighties Fan
  • The Smiths & Sandie Shaw – Hand In Glove
  • Television Personalities – Favourite Films
  • Morrissey & Sandie Shaw – Please help the cause against Loneliness (demo)
  • Sebastien Tellier – La Ballade Du Georges
  • Dusty Springfield – Windmills of your Mind
  • Phil RetroSpector – Song to the Sigur

Get RC 165: Hard of the City here