BACK TO VIRGINITY – Madonna vs Amy Winehouse
September 30, 2008, 3:27 pm
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So this is what happened when Madge took a wrong turn at taboo and ended up in Winosville

Sounds like: A shocking sonic page torn from the heart diary
of a Beat-Generation High-School Gal.
File Under: They gave her a bad name… and she’s about to live up to it!

Oh yeah there’s a complimentary lifetime supply of “Catholic Guilt”
for the first 50 downloads…


September 23, 2008, 2:01 pm
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The Beatles Remixers Group present: YCMT XIII
Their latest collection of all your favourite numbers from the Fab-Four,
reimagined & reloaded for your listening displeasure…

You Can’t Mash That Volume XIII

01. Til There Was You – Phattbuzz
02. There She Goes Holdin Your Hand – Phil Retrospector
03. Yesterday Hurt – Child Of Nature
04. Too Late For Eleanor – MP3J
05. Paperback Believer Revisited – MP3J
06. Paint It Pepper – BDJ
07. The Wumberlog – BDJ
08. A Sky Blue Rhapsody – CCC
09. Baby You’re Where It’s At – TJT
10. Bulldog Mash – Phattbuzz
11. Jude’s Drunken Trumpet – DJ not I
12. Why Don’t We Do It At Lucky Seven – Phattbuzz
13. Why Don’t We Revelate Together – MP3J
14. Ain’t She Sweet – BDJ
15. 10th Together – DJ not I
16. Taking Care Of Beatles – MP3J


The Good, The Bad & The Creepy Video

Witness the forbidden dance of The Good, The Bad & The Creepy
Presented to you in glorious RETROVISION (better than hindsight!)
it’s more Django than Tango!…
where the only thing worse than two left feet, is four left feet
Lights, Camel, Achtung!

Beware: This featurette contains snake hips &  painted lips!

Bluebird Blackout makes ANTI-HIT LIST
September 16, 2008, 7:23 pm
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Great news at the end of a hectic week for this wannabe recluse.
“BLUEBIRD BLACKOUT” makes it all the way to No,7 in
John Sakamoto’s Anti-Hit List for the Toronto Star.
For the full Anti-Hit List & Podcast click here

Simon Iddol’s TOP5 mashups on radiocafé 98.6
September 16, 2008, 7:16 pm
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Hungarian radio station, radiocafé asked Simon Iddol (bootlegger extraordinaire & the man behind WHA!? and AudioPorn Central) to set up a Top5 of his most loved mashup ATM.

Here is his selection.

5 Phil RetroSpector – The Good, the Bad and the Creepy
4 ComaR – Atomic Control
3 El Barto & Liam B – Armand Van Helden + T.O.K
2 Apollo Zero – Guns of Brixton’s Underworld
1 DJ Earworm -Just Dance to New Order

you can listen it in their site – Crooked Arrow
September 11, 2008, 7:43 am
Filed under: MUSIC, NEWS | Tags: , , , , , proudly present to you their very first compilation.

Crooked Arrow (A Degenerate Cupid Compilation) was put together strickly for the recently heart broken people out there (you know who you are). Enjoy and remember that there’s more fish in the sea.

Crooked Arrow (A Degenerate Cupid Compilation) Track List:

01 – Uganda – You Can’t Hurry A Hard Life
02 – Soundwasta – Let It Be Me
03 – Divide & Kreate – Always With You
04 – Bobby Martini – Easily Hurt
05 – fuTuRo – My Grapevine Life
06 – Ben Double M – Boa Viagem And Feel Good
07 – Dj Lobsterdust – Baby Arrow
08 – Ben Double M – Rock With You
09 – Leebuzz – Hurt To Death
10 – Phil Retrospector – Yesterdays Hangover
11 – Dj Andy Hobin – I Don’t Wanna Set A Drift
12 – Zamali – What’s The Problem Being With You
13 – Zamali – Flamenco Freddy Ain’t Too Proud


ATTUWORLD Mashup of the Week #85
September 4, 2008, 3:59 pm
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Yee Haw, this hombre just found out “The GOOD, The BAD & The CREEPY

Simon says:

Simon Iddol takes you to the wild wild west this week! We will meet with the biggest heroes of these days, the gunman, the outlaw, Phil RetroSpector.  He will tell us stories of his adventures, and he has breathtaking stories! We will drink whiskey and he will play us strange music. Like this one. Radiohead meets with Hugo Montenegro & his Orchestra. The night is young and the desert is silent. The whiskey is strong. The cigar is great.
You will love the wild wild west.

The Mashup of this Week is:

Phil RetroSpector – The Good, the Bad and the Creepy
Radiohead vs Hugo Montenegro & his Orchestra

Suddenly, the man with no name feels a little more special…