CRAZY PRESSURE – Gnarls Barkley vs Queen
November 28, 2008, 8:51 pm
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A little something for the weekend…

Featuring: Gnarls Barkley – Crazy,
Queen feat. David Bowie – Under Pressure
and a sprinkling of Mylo’s – Drop the Pressure

Best listened to at 4 A.M. whilst running in the middle of a busy road towards oncoming traffic with mascara running down your cheeks… or failing that, headphones!


MOTW – Mashed in Plastic
November 21, 2008, 5:55 pm
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Holy Guacomole, Mashed in Plastic: The David Lynch Tribute Album
is Mashup of The Week over @ ATTUWORLD.
Now, if that’s not a reason for an extra helping of cherry pie…

RICKY – The Video


Er, allegedly…

“RICKY” is taken from the album RICKRAWKED: Guilty Pleasures 2

In My Twin Life – Beatles vs Julee Cruise
November 20, 2008, 2:37 pm
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So far, the response to MASHED IN PLASTIC – The David Lynch Tribute Album has been nothing short of phenomenal. But just in case you needed a further sonic carrot to shuffle your way over to the website, have a nibble on In My Twin LIfe taken from the album.


Like what you hear, download the album @ MASHEDINPLASTIC.CO.UK

Heaven’s Drive In – The Video


No doubt, most of you self-confessed Lynchian Fetishists have lurked around the mashed in plastic website,  floating into the night … But for those of you like young Jeffrey, who are let’s say somewhat in the closet ’bout your audiophilia… here’s a little video teaser made by The Reborn Identity for Heaven’s Drive In
See, you’re not alone…

Mashed in Plastic: The David Lynch Mash up Tribute


1086 PRODUCTIONS proudly present
Mashed in Plastic: The David Lynch Mash-Up Tribute

01. the voice of love is crying : COLATRON
02. blue rigby :
03. twin hearts :
04. heaven’s drive-in :
05. tori’s deranged :
06. something stupid this way comes : G3RSt
07. i’ll be there in twin peaks : COLATRON
08. the pink jack :
09. lauren’s opus :
10. frank’s here : THE WHO BOYS
11. the elephant connection : THE REBORN IDENTITY
12. i’ve told every little pumpkin :
13. violent at heart :
14. don’t go all wicked on me :
15. eraserhead serenade : RIAA
16. velvet dreams : VOICEDUDE
17. in my twin life : PHIL RETROSPECTOR
18. this is David Lynch: NEILTOMO 

bonus track: she’s filled with secrets: THE BOOKHOUSE BOYS

Additional audio production by WAX AUDIO

Available for download @ in two flavours: as two long tracks (sides A and B) or as eighteen separate tracks with unbroken transitions and film audio excerpts.  Bonus features including Videos, Artwork and Sleeve Notes… oh yeah, thats not to mention the Cabinet of Curiousity…

RICKY – Rick Astley vs Bill Conti
November 10, 2008, 4:01 pm
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RICKY – Never Gonna Fly Now is taken from AudioPorn Central presents
RICKRAWKED: Guilty Pleasures – Volume Two.
This is what might have happened if Balboa had Lock Stock, Aitken and Two Smokin’ Watermen in his corner. See below for full tracklisting & download details.
But just to getcha inda mood, play this little ditty loud and run up lots of stairs…

[ MP3 ]