RetroSpector’s TOP 10 – August
August 31, 2009, 4:52 pm
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So here’s the tracks that pricked up my ears over at AudioPorn Central
over the last month. You can grab APC’s full chart there.

#01 OUR PRESENTS – AudioPorn Central’s 2nd anniversary album [link]
Blow out the candles and make a wish…
#02 Clivester – Heartbreaking Maps [link]
more infectious than swine-flu
#03 Mighty Mike – Your 1979 song [link]
Probably the best Elton Boot eva!!!!!!!!!!
#04 La Roux – Bulletproof (Nancey remix ft. Matt Hemerlein) [link]
The perfect prequel to APC’s R U bulletproof
#05 Simon Iddol – radio fire [link]
Da robots have gone to da dancehall
#06 Sally Shapiro – Dying In Africa [link]
Think Slowdive swimming in disco biscuits
#07 Bat For Lashes – Sleep Alone [link]
It’s all fear and desire
#08 Massive Attack – Splitting The Atom [link]
Spooky voodoo trip-hop nitemare
#09 DJ Prince – JC Superstar, what time is love? [link]
God is my DJ hehehe
#10 MadMixMustang – From The Heart Of Glass [link]
Great concept, but I have a weakness for this sorta thang,
call it a Glass jaw…

OUR PRESENTS AudioPorn Central’s 2nd anniversary album
August 22, 2009, 7:44 pm
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AudioPorn Central’s 2nd anniversary album
compiled by Simon Iddol
August 2009

DOWNLOAD  @ [mp3 Fairtilizer] [zip Sharebee] [torrent Mininova]

01 MaDiSoN – PPS / Personal Pornstar (ballad)
02 team9 – Casbah Girls
the Clash VS Duran Duran
03 Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden – Bonkers (Dunproofin’ Remix)
04 Party Ben – Egy Ket Skank (Explicit Lyrics!!!!)
Fatboy Slim VS Belga
05 DJ Schmolli – Bulletproof Radar
Britney Spears VS La Roux
06 YACHT – Psychic City (World Famous Audio Hacker Remix)
07 Apollo Zero – Everyday Moments in Modern Love
St. Etienne VS  Elvis Costello VS Art of Noise
08 Pheugoo – In Your Pony Eyes
Pony Pony Run Run VS Kylie Minogue
09 Copycat – Film Girls in Town
Little Boots VS Duran Duran
10 Apollo Zero – Everydub Moments in Modern Love (side 2)
St. Etienne VS  Elvis Costello VS Art of Noise
11 Phil RetroSpector – Blue ur Chance
Panic Girl VS Morcheeba VS Billy Idol
12 lobsterdust – I will Survivor
Gloria Gaynor VS Survivor

August 15, 2009, 2:40 am
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New Merchandise Online
August 12, 2009, 10:02 pm
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Get this season’s MUST have fashion item from this self-confessed melancholic
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APC birthday week presents “Blue ur Chance”
August 6, 2009, 8:51 pm
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For APC’s second Birthday, I knew straight away I wanted to toy around with something from APC’s uber femme, Panic Girl. Take a Chance really pricked up my ears when I first heard it, it reminded me of Alison Shaw from Cranes doin’ a Spaghetti Western theme. Panic Girl was kind enough to let me butcher her track, strip it back and sprinkle a little stardust from Morcheeba and Billy Idol all over it. Blue ur Chance is the result…  SI, congrats on APC’s second b’day kimosabi!

Get it here or there!