Six Degree Traveler – Installment 208
October 28, 2009, 10:49 pm
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six degreesTraveler is a two hour weekly broadcast hosted by Six Degrees label co-founder Bob Duskis exploring genre-bending music from around the world.

Say’s Bob,

“On this week’s edition of Six Degrees Traveler, we spin a free form ambient mix which crosses many styles & genres.  Some of the pleasures that await you during the show are: a first listen to Bluetech’s new Vieux Farka Toure remix, a psychedelic dub remix of the America classic, “Horse With No Name”, a variety of beautifully chilled mash ups from Phil Retrospector’s new Introversion collection and selections from Karen O’s excellent new soundtrack to Where the Wild Things Are.”

The new installment of Six Degrees’ weekly internet radio broadcast is now up on i-Tunes’ Radio Section (Under the Dance/Electronica heading) or at


Karen O & the Kids –  Igloo
Phil RetroSpector – Naturally Feeling Blue
Andrew Liles – Tawny
Phil RetroSpector – A Thousand Secrets
Sleepwalker’s Local – Period of Grace
Karen O & the Kids – Worried Shoes
Dntel –  Roll On (feat Jenny Lewis)
Slowdive – Blue Skied & Clear
Phil RetroSpector – Still Hurtin’
Moby – Shot in the Back of the Head
My Brightest Diamond –  Of Fear & Wonder (I Feel a Universe)
West Indian Girl – Beach
Zero 7 – Solastagia
Karen O & the Kids – Hideaway
Juan Son – Los Hadas
Karen O & the Kids – Sailing Home
Phil RetroSpector – Polly G
Ulf Lohman – Lai King Est
So36 – Freedom
Pink Floyd – Keep Talking (Nelue Re-Edit)
America – Horse With No Name (Dub Psychedelic Re-Construction by Leo Zero)
Vieux Farka Toure – Souba Souba (Bluetech Remix)
Third Ear Audio – Up in Smoke
Asura – Longing For Silence
Jef Stott – Ashk
Celt Islam– Al-Jihad-The Struggle

RetroSpector’s Top 10 – October
October 26, 2009, 12:34 pm
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Here’s my personal fave’s posted at AudioPorn Central over the last month.
Check out the official APC Top 10 after the jump.

#01 John Boswell – A Glorious Dawn [link]
Carl Sagan & Stephen Hawking discover the sound of the cosmos.

#02 lobsterdust – Alone Wit Chu [link]
Recipe for an instant classic: Take some Air, add a little lobsterdust…
#03 The Found Sound Orchestra -Memorabilica  [link]
Team9 side projecct, a cut ‘n paste masterwerk!
#04 Pheugoo – Hurt Wit Chu [link]
Pink is the nu black!
#05 Mathias Mental – She’s A Character [link]
8-bit switchblade nerdcore from the wrong side of the trax
#06 Copycat – The Other Wedding Song [link]
This cat has nine lives wives
#07 DJ Axel – Steppin’ Out Wherever You Like [link]
#08 Vitalic – Poison Lips [link]
lipstick it on repeat!
#09 Voicedude – I Scrubbed The Sheriff [link]
Made with real TLC, effortless…
#10 Moby – Mistake  [link]
The only mistake is maybe placing this at #10.
This track rawks, the album’s even betta!

MashStix Alternative Interview
October 26, 2009, 10:37 am
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MashStix Alternative is a Radio Show hosted by G3rst.
Tune in to hear an interview with yours truely about IntroVersion.
If you listen carefully, you might even think I had a pulse…

Misery Seeks Company
October 10, 2009, 9:56 pm
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introversion perfume

Radio Gladys Palrmera
October 5, 2009, 10:37 pm
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Radio Gladys Palmera, Spain play choice cuts from Introversion.
“Mas allá del Mashup” @ from 10.A.M. GMT