Phil RetroSpector – Dub Be Goodbye Me [MP3]

Hazin’, Phazin’ and downright Shoegazin’…
Featuring :
Ulrich Schnauss – Goodbye /
Beats International – Dub Be Good To Me/
Opus III – Fine Day

July 27, 2010, 2:25 pm
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So like July was hectic with ABSLOUT SUPERSTAR. Still managed to pick some choice cutz  @ AudioPorn Central on downtime. Here’s what pricked up the ears of this self-confessed melancholic. As always you can grab the official chart after the jump

#01 iamamiwhoami – t [link]
Okay, so maybe it’s replaced the cling-film with tin-foil, but it’s still freakin’ genius.
#02 O.Children– album preview [link]
If you Dig Lazarus Dig!!, you’ll dig the the Dead Disco Dancer, album drops in the Fall,
#03 This Is Head – 0011 (Kasper Björke version [link]
Minimal toe-tapping punkstep
#04 MUNK – Down in L.A. (Them Jeans remix) [link]
It’s a grower, but definitely worth the effort…
#05 Pheugoo – Hometown Bitch [link]
Luv the intro, luv the way it unfolds, luv it period!
#06 Clock Opera – A Piece of String (Mickey Moonlight Remix) [link]
dark & moody, just the way I like it
#07 The Rodeo – Hand Shadows [link]
Unleash your inner cowboy, yee-haw!!!!
#08 Madison – #1 [link]
Press play, then drive…
#09 MGMT – It’s Working (Air Remix) [link]
Shade’s of Suicide goin’ on here, and I mean that in a good way…
#10 MAXENCE CYRIN – Around the world – (Daft Punk piano cover) [link]
From the album NOVÖ PIANO, hits all the right notes…

ABSOLUT Condensed Superstar #14

Make Love, Not Warhol…

ABSOLUT Condensed Superstar #13

ABSOLUT Condensed Superstar #12

ABSOLUT Condensed Superstar #11

and FLEX!!!!!!!!!!!

ABSOLUT Condensed Superstar #10