Mashole Vol.4 – Beatles Bonus Edition
September 6, 2013, 6:32 pm
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So here’s a little something to help you unwind after the previous mix, fab four stylee.
Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream…
Mashole – Monthly @ Róisin Dubh, Galway


Beatlemania (The fab-four get Glassed)- Phil RetroSpector
Sun King – Facu Cruz Remix
Golden Teardrops – Wax Audio
Shout & Singh (All You Need Is Love) – Phil RetroSpector
Karma In The Life – Go Home Productions
In My Twin Life – Phil RetroSpector
She’s Leaving The Deer Hunter – Phil RetroSpector
Here Comes The Sun – Rhythm Scholar Remix
Lucy At The River – CCC

Mr Yinka – Brooklyn (Phil RetroSpector Remix)
September 6, 2012, 12:06 am
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A little time back, Mr. Yinka got in touch and asked me if I’d remix this Brooklyn track from his South London-Brooklyn EP.I really dig his sound but wanted to take this track in a completely different direction. So I stripped back everything apart from Mr. Yinka’s vox, keys and additional programming are by this self confessed melancholic. Anyhow, if you dig it, share it like candy.

Blue Mundane Video

State Mix Series #15: Phil Retrospector

Phil RetroSpector – Melancholix Anonymous by philretrospector

Just did a minimix for STATE.IE

Says editor Niall Byrne,
Numero 15 in the State Mix Series comes from Galway mashup artist and bootlegger Phil RetroSpector. Phil specialises in twisting original songs into much more than dancefloor fodder, often going for the jugular of raw emotion with a heavy dose of melancholy. He often matches these rich sonic cut and paste palettes with self-made evocative videos.

With this mix, titled the Melancholics Anonymous mix, Phil RetroSpector stretches the fabric of popular music in new and interesting ways taking in contributions from Johnny Cash, Muse, Nina Simone, David Lynch, Angelo Badalamenti, This Mortal Coil and Sigur Ros.

Enjoy & weep…


with Mark Humphries

Soul II Soul Back To Life (The Rules remix)
LobsterdustAlonewitchu (Air vs QOTSA)
Reborn IdentityLaurens Opus
Team9Confused imagination
Phil RetrospectorMoments in Snoop
Flying White DotsWalking On Clouds
Simon Iddol – Sargasso Sleep
Funk That S**t Productions Believe in Glory Box
Team9Greenday Massacre
Team9A relaxed dip
Flying White DotsKill Phil
Flying White DotsBob Meets Lord Scruffage
Flying White DotsYour Poetry

HOUR 2: mixed by DJ UMB
Stories for a Melancholic (Inspired & dedicated to Phil Retrospector)
Stories For A Melancholic is a lush and sublime mix by DJ UMB,
a global beats & chill maestro and one of the main hombres behind Generation Bass

Phil Retrospector –  Sleepwalking For Hours
Antony & JohnsonsMysteries of Love
Phil RetrospectorBluebird Blackout
ApparatWhere He At
Phil RetrospectorNaturally Feeling Blue
Jordi SavallLes Pleurs
BlissSleep Will Come
Phil RetrospectorJude’ll Fix It
Monica QueenI’m Sorry Darling
TindersticksMy Oblivion
OverdubExit Music For a Film
Phil RetrospectorThe Good, Bad & Creepy

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