December 28, 2010, 6:13 pm
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The best of 2010 according to Pablo Schvarzman @
Radio Gladys Palmera: The Books, Hidden Orchestra and er, Phil RetroSpector … Hell Yeah Amigos!

Radio Gladys Palmera -The Insider
November 22, 2010, 4:20 pm
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Radio Gladys Palmera The Insider, Nov. 22.  [podcast]
Beyond Mash Up with Paul Schvarzman.The return of Phil RetroSpector,
Etienne Daho and Motown in Spanish. What more could possibly want…

Bastard Bolz Vol.1
November 16, 2010, 7:45 pm
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Bolz Radio – covers, remixes, rarities presents
Bastard Bolz Vol.1 [download]


Pheugoo – Till I Get an American Woman
Mr Rigolo Back in Babylone
Fissunix – 7 Toxic Steken
Ben Double M – Take A Bow
GrandPamini – Get Bach
Mighty Mike – Fall Out Gloria
Sugamotor – Le Dragon des Lilas
Dj Schmolli – Hey Dear Ladies
Yold – Flex Up
GrandPamini – Russians Like to Move it too
Fissunix – Enjoy Tomorrow
Overdub – Five Step
Gaston – No Way in Choice
Pheugoo – Processed Funk
M’siou Rigolitch – Boban Markologic
Overdub – Summerlove
Yold – Pretty fly for a Poinçonneur
Electrosound Whoo ! Dance with me !
Phil RetroSpector – Sleepwalking for hours

March 9, 2010, 11:38 pm
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PLAYLIST for  Sunday 6th March

Four found future – So far
Empty rooms – I’m gonna miss you
Area 42 – Zion
TGFA – Stuck like glue (Deja-move remix)
Blank & Jones – Desire (ambient mix)
Robbie Williams – Stand your ground
William Orbit ft Beth Orton – Water from a vine leaf (Xlem beach mix)
Sade – The moon & the sky
Massive Attack – Saturday come slow
Bodhi Satva – Soul Heaven the roots of London
Julie London – Cry me a river
Seasick Steve – My Donny
Phil RetroSpector – ELOasis (Mash)
Pieces of a Dream – Warm weather
Pantaea – Global games
Dave Jerome – The future is love
Tom Mcrae – The Summer of John Wayne
Fionn Regan – Lines written in Winter
Spiritualized – Ladies & Gents we are floating in space
Phil RetroSpector – White Whisper
DJ Schmoli – One of those nights Lily was here
Digitonal – 93 Years on (Maps & Diagrams mix)
Richard Bonnee – Chillin’ minds
Jean Marie – Deep in thoughts

Tune In & Chill Out with Mark Humphries Here

MashStix Alternative #5
March 2, 2010, 6:53 pm
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Check out an exclusive unreleased track and interview with G3RST I did for
MashStix Alternative #5
The show features some of the harder to find, non mainstream and odd bootlegs
from around the globe.

01 – Hawkins – Fat Botommed Girls Let’s Get It On (Marvin Gaye vs Queen)
02 – Eric Arthur – Glory Fox (Portishead vs James Bond Theme)
03 – DJ Zebra – I’m A Fireman (The Prodigy vs Spencer Davis Group)
04 – Phil Retrospector – E.L.Oasis (Oasis vs E.L.O.) (Stix Exclusive)
05 – Rillen Rudi – 21 Jokers (Steve Miller Band vs Green Day)
06 – Michmash – Lift Me Up In The Devil Car (Moby vs Jamiroquai)
07 – Fissunix – Welcome The Virgin (Madonna vs Dany Elfman)
08 – DJ Not-I – Toxictoxicity (Britney Spears vs System Of A Down)
09 – Bonus Mosh – Metallica v. The Prodigy
10 – ThE hOmOgEnIc ChAoS – Rock n Roll Star Ignorance (Oasis vs Paramore)
11 – ToTom – First Breed (Nirvana vs The Prodigy)
12 – DJ Moulé – Give This Way (Red Hot Chili Peppers vs The Chemical Brothers)



with Mark Humphries

Soul II Soul Back To Life (The Rules remix)
LobsterdustAlonewitchu (Air vs QOTSA)
Reborn IdentityLaurens Opus
Team9Confused imagination
Phil RetrospectorMoments in Snoop
Flying White DotsWalking On Clouds
Simon Iddol – Sargasso Sleep
Funk That S**t Productions Believe in Glory Box
Team9Greenday Massacre
Team9A relaxed dip
Flying White DotsKill Phil
Flying White DotsBob Meets Lord Scruffage
Flying White DotsYour Poetry

HOUR 2: mixed by DJ UMB
Stories for a Melancholic (Inspired & dedicated to Phil Retrospector)
Stories For A Melancholic is a lush and sublime mix by DJ UMB,
a global beats & chill maestro and one of the main hombres behind Generation Bass

Phil Retrospector –  Sleepwalking For Hours
Antony & JohnsonsMysteries of Love
Phil RetrospectorBluebird Blackout
ApparatWhere He At
Phil RetrospectorNaturally Feeling Blue
Jordi SavallLes Pleurs
BlissSleep Will Come
Phil RetrospectorJude’ll Fix It
Monica QueenI’m Sorry Darling
TindersticksMy Oblivion
OverdubExit Music For a Film
Phil RetrospectorThe Good, Bad & Creepy

Sunday nights on BFBS radio. Playing the best in anything chilled ,’if it’s chilled it’s in’
The chilloutroom, on line, on air and on DAB across the UK also on Sky Guide 0211 freesat 786

December 18, 2009, 2:59 pm
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Big thanks to Radio Z – 95.8 FM Nuremberg for spreading some melancholia through the airwaves.
Here’s the playlist.

evangelista – i lay there in front of me covered in ice
the chap – i saw them
alexis gideon – ock waves (creation myth)
cortney tidwell – son and moon (hands off cuba remix)
tone – i am long
phoenix – love like a sunset (animal collective remix)
culture reject – museums
devendra banhart – baby
phil retrospector – forbidden young folks
soulo – yorktown for nine months
dub tractor – sorry
bibio – haikuesque (the gentleman loser´s whispers in the rain mix)
tim & puma mimi – chocolate junkie
leyland kirby – when we parted, my heart wanted to die (friedrichshain memories)
cio d’or – goldbrokat
shackleton – mountains of ashes
aoki takamasa – rn2-09 pt 1 + pt 2
sigha – rawww
2562 – superflight
drums of death – got yr thing (starkey remix)
joe goddard – sour grapes
die voegel – blaue moschee