with Mark Humphries

Soul II Soul Back To Life (The Rules remix)
LobsterdustAlonewitchu (Air vs QOTSA)
Reborn IdentityLaurens Opus
Team9Confused imagination
Phil RetrospectorMoments in Snoop
Flying White DotsWalking On Clouds
Simon Iddol – Sargasso Sleep
Funk That S**t Productions Believe in Glory Box
Team9Greenday Massacre
Team9A relaxed dip
Flying White DotsKill Phil
Flying White DotsBob Meets Lord Scruffage
Flying White DotsYour Poetry

HOUR 2: mixed by DJ UMB
Stories for a Melancholic (Inspired & dedicated to Phil Retrospector)
Stories For A Melancholic is a lush and sublime mix by DJ UMB,
a global beats & chill maestro and one of the main hombres behind Generation Bass

Phil Retrospector –  Sleepwalking For Hours
Antony & JohnsonsMysteries of Love
Phil RetrospectorBluebird Blackout
ApparatWhere He At
Phil RetrospectorNaturally Feeling Blue
Jordi SavallLes Pleurs
BlissSleep Will Come
Phil RetrospectorJude’ll Fix It
Monica QueenI’m Sorry Darling
TindersticksMy Oblivion
OverdubExit Music For a Film
Phil RetrospectorThe Good, Bad & Creepy

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The chilloutroom, on line, on air and on DAB across the UK also on Sky Guide 0211 freesat 786

I Can’t Stop You Better – Video

Here’s the video I cut for
Simon Iddol’s
I Can’t Stop You Better
The stock footage is taken from a cult exploitation classic
The Telephone Book (1971) Dir: Nelson Lynne,
about a girl who falls in love with the world’s greatest obscene phone call.
Now that’s what I call AudioPorn!
oh yeah, bydaway, the video could be slightly NSFW

L.E.S. Girls (MaDiSoN VS Santigold) Video
March 13, 2009, 5:11 pm
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Following the success of lollibon,
the hottest cumbia mashup video
the dream team strikes again
this time we make the girls happy 😉

Check out this self-confessed melancholic’s video to
Simon Iddol‘s instantly infectious track.
Me think you love it lonnnng time!

L.E.S.Girls (MaDiSoN vs Santigold) [download] [torrent]

this is our porn AudioPorn Central showcase


this is our porn
AudioPorn Central showcase

Bobby Martini – I Love It When You Ring [mp3]
Copycat – Singing that Aha melody [mp3]
Panic Girl – Hear Me [mp3]
Phil RetroSpector – Step Together [mp3]
Simon Iddol – lollibon (MaDiSoN VS Daleduro) [mp3]
AudioPorn All Stars VS Tying Tiffany
we wanna be your mp3 [mp3]

lollibon the video, World Premier on FADER!!!
January 15, 2009, 10:12 pm
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Yep, that’s right.  The unmasked man behind AudioPorn Central,
the one and only Simon Iddol asked this self -confessed melancholic
to cut the video for his brilliantly infectious lollibon (MaDiSoN VS Dalerudo),
from his Vatican Years album.

and yes you’ve read it correctly
the lollibon video
is premiered on one of the most influential music media ATM

Mashups of the Year 2008


Attuworld and WHA!?MUSIC presents
Mashups Of The Year 2008
compiled by Simon Iddol

[download links >> torrent /]

01 Go Home Productions – Finally, Did You No Wrong MOTW #69
(Spliced Krispies album)
Ce Ce Peniston VS The Sex Pistols
02 Divide & Kreate – Livin’ la vida MOTW #99
Bon Jovi VS Coldplay
03 dj lobsterdust – Epic Black Rock
Faith No More VS Queen VS AC/DC MOTW #67
04 DJ Morgoth – Ace Of Spades Feels Good MOTW #94
Gorillaz VS Motörhead
05 Pheugoo – Sign me Baby MOTW #78
Snoop Dogg VS Red Hot Chili Peppers
06 Hi-brid – Golden Boy MOTW #88
Klaxons VS Bronski Beat
07 DJ Zebra – Roxanne should be dancing MOTW #90
Bee Gees VS The Police
+ beats by Groove Armada

08 Copycat – Singing that A-ha melody MOTW #91
A-ha VS Swingfly
09 Dunproofin’ – Electro Sandman MOTW #87
Metallica VS Deadmau5 VS F*kkk Off*
10 locK3Down – Snake Pusher MOTW #75
Ice T VS Audio Bullys
11 Apollo Zero – Robot Music Forever MOTW #82
Bruce Haack VS Kraftwerk VS Men Without Hats VS Donna Lewis VS Tracey Thorn VS I Robots
12 DJ Earworm – United State Of Pop MOTW #51
Billboard TOP25 2007
13 ComaR – Wonderlie MOTW #72
Oasis VS Black Eyed Peas
14 10 000 Spoons – This Charming Caravan MOTW #60
Smiths VS The Housemartins
15 Mighty Mike – My love letter MOTW #57
Renan Luce VS Justin Timberlake
16 Wax Audio – Born In A Bad Place (When Jimi met Björk) MOTW #71
Jimi Hendrix VS Björk
17 Phil RetroSpector – The Good, the Bad and the Creepy MOTW #85
Radiohead vs Hugo Montenegro & his Orchestra
18 G3RSt – Pretender To Heaven MOTW #65
Led Zeppelin VS Foo Fighters
19 DJ Schmolli – Wicked Wedding MOTW #95
Chris Isaak VS Billy Idol VS HIM

WHA!? [Mashups of the Year 2008]

RICKRAWKED – Guilty Pleasures/Volume Two


AudioPorn Central presents
Guilty Pleasures – Volume Two

Bastard Pop Tribute to Rick Astley, the Best Act Ever

[zip file  torrent / MediaFire]

01 Phil RetroSectror – Ricky *
Rick VS Rocky
02  Qubic – The Jig is Never Up *
Rick VS String Cheese Incident
03 Crowded Babes – Never Gonna Give Avril 14th Up *
Rick VS Aphex Twin
04 G3RSt – Never Give Up The Small Things
Rick VS Blink 182
05 Divide & Kreate – Never gonna freak you out
Rick VS Graham Coxon
06 DJ Morgoth – Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up *
Rick VS Nirvana
07 DJ Useo – Radio Rick *
Rick VS The Clash
08 lobsterdust – Never Gonna Fool Your Gold
Rick VS The Stone Roses
09 Mighty Mike – Neverending
Rick VS Mika
10 DJ Tripp – Never Gonna Clock You *
Rick VS Coldplay (Royksopp remix)
11 MadMixMustang – Don’t You Ever Give Up Wanting Me Baby *
Rick VS Human League
12 Sugamotor – Never gonna give you up in a heavy situation *
Rick VS Sugababes
13 Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up (Xam‘s Trance Break) *
Rick VS Xam

* exclusive, previously unreleased tracks

compiled and designed by Simon Iddol
November 2008

You heard the news, MTV Europe named Rick Astley the Best Act Ever at the European Music Awards. Let’s celebrate.

The compilation comes in a 90,2 Mb zip file.
Use the torrent link to download! It’s superfast and seeded 24/7.
The zip contains the music files, the webcover and the printable cover as well.
Yes, it’s a paper CD case again. You can print it and fold it for yourselves. It’s the modified version of this great paper CD case. Check here if you need help to fold.